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May 8, 2023

Improvements ⬆️

  • Significant performance improvements reducing dropped frames, especially noticable when dragging effect sliders.



May 10, 2022

Improvements ⬆️

  • Significantly reduce stutter when capturing screenshots.
  • Use maximum JPEG quality when capturing screenshots.



May 9, 2022

Improvements to Sources.

New Features ✨

  • Add any recording or screenshot as a Source, and mix it back into the visuals.
  • Download Sources, check Source dimensions and file size.
  • Delete camera Sources to release the camera for use with other apps.
  • View previews of Sources in the Source Options pop-up.



May 6, 2022

Create Scenes and control your visuals from a single screen.

The old "Deck" and "Editor", which split performing and creating into seperate screens, have been consolidated into simply the "Deck".

New Features ✨

  • Create Scenes and control your visuals from a single screen.
  • Enable and disable Scenes in a Playlist.
  • Loop any Scene with a single click.
  • Manually set a specific BPM.
  • Create and switch Playlists while the sidebar is collapsed.

Improvements ⬆️

  • Capture screenshots, start and stop recordings, enter fullscreen, open the output window, or clear the Scene using buttons now found in the Visuals control area.
  • Instantly add a newly-created Scene to your Playlist without opening a pop-up.
  • Quickly rename a Playlist or Scene by clicking the options icon, and just start typing.
  • Add a Transition progress bar to show when Layers, Sources, and Effects are temporarily disabled.



January 25, 2022

Improvements to Playlists and Transitions that offer enhanced control and more variation in your visuals.

New Features ✨

  • Set the duration of Scenes.
  • Set the duration of Scene Transitions.
  • Play Playlists in a random order.
  • Set a Scene Transition to be randomized.

Improvements ⬆️

  • Show the active Transition in the Set Transition popup.
  • Always show all possible Effects in the Add Effect popup, and show which Effects are already active.
  • Show your uploaded Sources in Add Sources popup without having to change tabs.


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